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February 09 2018


✌ Wish you could log into someone's Netgear box without a password? Summon a &genie=1

Get patching – there’s this auth bypass and loads of other bugs

February 08 2018


✌ Intel adopts Orwellian irony with call for fast Meltdown-Spectre action after slow patch delivery

For now, have some code that won’t crash Skylakes and stay close to your Telescreens


✌ Dozens charged over dark web crime site

Thirty-six people are charged for their alleged involvement in running a giant cyber-crime site.


✌ Swisscom data breach: 800,000 customers affected | ZDNet

The 2017 incident took place due to a sales partner security failure.


✌ Bodyhackers: Bold, inspiring and terrifying

A weekend spent with people who have reshaped their bodies and developed unregulated drugs.

February 07 2018


✌ Cisco Releases Security Updates for Multiple Products | US-CERT

Cisco has released several updates to address vulnerabilities affecting multiple products. A remote attacker could exploit some of these vulnerabilities to take control of an affected system.NCCIC/US-CERT encourages users and administrators to review the following Cisco Security Advisories and apply the necessary updates.


✌ A flaw in Hotspot Shield can expose VPN users, locations

The virtual private network says it provides a way to browse the web “anonymously and privately,” but a security researcher has released code that could identify users’ names and locations.


✌ Amazon explained ‘Key’ crack before it shipped fix, says hacker who found the hole

BezosMart doesn’t like being told it was w…wr…wrong


✌ GCHQ wages war on NHS phishing emails

The NCSC has brought down the UK’s share of global phishing attacks by securing government systems.


✌ Amazon Is Fixing a Security Loophole with its 'Key' Service

After a researcher posted a video of an alleged hack of Amazon Key, the company is now trying to push a fix—while also telling journalists there isn’t really an issue.


✌ Uber quits GitHub for in-house code after 2016 data breach

Code trove wasn’t to blame: Uber didn’t have multifactor authentication on repos that included AWS credentials

February 06 2018


✌ T-Mobile Is Sending a Mass Text Warning of ‘Industry-Wide’ Phone Hijacking Scam

Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting people’s phone numbers, hijacking and then using them to access people’s bank or social media accounts.


✌ Cisco: You need to patch our security devices again for dangerous ASA VPN bug | ZDNet

Cisco has warned that its original fix for the 10/10-severity ASA VPN flaw was “incomplete”.

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